63.4% of Americans Know His/Her Own Blood Type

According to a survey held by Osaka University (Japan) in 2005, 63.4% of American people know his/her own blood type.

Social Reseach Database on Questionnaires

Q49: Blood Type

  • A: 1939 people (33.4%)
  • B: 460 people (14.8%)
  • AB: 229 people (7.4%)
  • O: 1380 people (44.4%)
  • Not sure: 1779 people
  • Valid Answers: 4907 people

The following question and answer explains the reason.

Q51: Underwent a blood test in the last 12 months

  • Yes, as part of a periodic test: 2961 people (60.1%)
  • Yes, because of suspicion of disease: 214 people (4.3%)
  • Valid answers: 4929 people

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