Slobodan Petrovski: ABO system of blood types and positions in soccer team

Chieko Ichikawa and Slobodan Petrovski

Perhaps the very first English book with theme of blood types and soccer. The authors, Chieko Ichikawa (Japanese, the director of the Human Science ABO Center) and Slobodan Petrovski (Servian, a manager of sport), in an analytical way, give a relation between blood types and positions in soccer team.


Which Type is Strong against Influenza?

According to Dr. Peter J. D'adamo, Blood types O and A are strong against influenza A, but blood type B is strong against influenza B. Sadly, blood type AB is weak against both influenza A and B.


Richest Persons are All Type O - Forbes' World's Billionaires 2018

Examining the billionaires' blood type (top to No. 10) of Forbes' "the world's billionaires 2018", they are all Type O, both in the world and Japan.

As expected, O is good at making money.
However, this only shows a "trend" since the blood type of the majority is unknown.

No. 2 Bill Gates / $90 billion (Microsoft)
No. 3 Warren Buffett / $84 billion (Berkshire Hathaway)
No. 4 Mark Zuckerberg / $71 billion (Facebook)

No. 1 Masayoshi Son / $21.9 billion (Softbank)
No. 2 Tadashi Yanai / $19.3 billion (Fast Retailing)
No. 7 Hiroshi Mikitani / $5.4 billion dollars (Rakuten)
No. 9 Akio Nitori / $4.8 billion (Nitori)


Japanese Prime Minster Abe Reshuffled His Cabinet

On October 2, Prime Minster Abe Reshuffled His Cabinet.

Source: Wikipedia

Blood Type: O9, A7, B4, AB0.
O almost doubles while B decreases; AB became zero.
It may be because the reshuffle aimed at factional balance rather than policy - as many as twelve new cabinet members were appointed.


Mr. Yoshiaki Murakami, known as a "lifelong investor", is Type AB.

Mr. Yoshiaki Murakami, a Japanese, known as a "lifelong investor", is Type AB.

Source: Stock for Everyone (in Japanese) 

He founded the Murakami Fund, and became infamous by the "riot" of Nippon Broadcasting System's buying up some ten years ago, and was evertually arrested in 2006 as a result of suspected insider trading.
Listening to his interview, although his logic may be correct, you might be impressed by his cruel and rude personality, thereby receive the impression of "bad guy".

Later, he left Japan and moved his base to Singapore.
Recently, however, Mr. Murakami's reputation has been soaring and his two books "Lifelong Investors" and "Stories of Money I Want to Tell Now" became one of the bestsellers here in Japan.

The opposite of this is Type O Softbank president, Mr. Masayoshi Son.
Recently, you might remember that he has raised the 10 trillion yen fund scheme and the cover illustration of the leading economic magazine "The Economist" in the UK.

Source: The Economist (May 5, 2018)

Mr. Murakami is not much the same as people like Mr. Masayoshi Son, who has unlimited business appetite, romance toward the future, or "aura" which is often seen on successful business muguls.
He judges rationally based on many numbers. He seems to be enjoying investing like a "hobby".

One of the features of Type AB type is that AB insists on nothing, but analyzes data objectively and rationally.
Such a trend is typically seen in his new book "Stories of Money I Want to Tell Now".

Source: Promotion on Nikkei Newspaper (September 15, 2018)
There is no shortcut to increase money or magic. Only one.
Replacing things with numbers,
Think with the formula (expected value = profitable probability).
Be familiar with numbers from small things, memorize with numbers,
Repeat exercises to think with numbers.
It is very important to become good at numbers.
I has been a friend of money for 50 years.
This is the absolute and the only way I believe.

It is likely that the raise of the "Murakami Fund" was aimed at realizing "rationality" and "justice" which are commonly seen in Type AB.

Type AB who gives priority to rational judgment and dislikes stubborn human relations, is thereby weak in emotional connection and is unlikely seems as a "nice guy".
I can not deny that those eventually strengthened Murakami's "villain" impression.

As the times change and globalization of the economy progresses more and more, rational thinking like Mr. Murakami is becoming necessary especially in Japan.
In that sense, he may have been ahead of the times -- a little.


Korean Study: Preferences of Web-based OPAC Retrieval Techniques

College Students' Preferences of Web-based OPAC Retrieval Techniques and their Blood Types: An Empirical Study

Heesop Kim (Kyungpook National University).
Journal of the Korean Society for Library and Information Science v.44 no.3, 2010, pp.81 - 102

Source: NDSL

The purpose of this study was to investigate college students' preferences of Web-based OPAC retrieval techniques and their ABO blood types as an empirical survey. Data was collected through a self-designed questionnaire with a total of 101 undergraduate students from the College of Social Sciences responding. The collected data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, and One-way ANOVA. The results show that 'title' was most preferred among the access points, 'AND' was the most preferred Boolean operator, 'publication year' and 'subject' were the most favored techniques in limiting the scope of retrieval, and 'record number limit per page' was the most frequently used for displaying retrieval results. The results also show that there were little(3 out of 22, i.e. 13.6%) statistically significant differences between the college students' preferences of Web-based OPAC techniques and their blood type.


According to Canadian researchers, newly discovered enzymes can transform blood type, such as type A to O.

Source: CBC News

So, does the personality also change?
The ABO blood group substance is most frequently expressed in the stomach and intestines, and it is distributed not only in the body but also in most of the body.
Even if the blood type of erythrocyte changes, the blood type of the brain and nerve does not change - as it is.
This is the same with bone marrow transplantation.

Slobodan Petrovski: ABO system of blood types and positions in soccer team

Chieko Ichikawa and Slobodan Petrovski ABO system of blood types and positions in soccer team Perhaps the very first English book w...