New paper from the ABO Center

A new paper from Masayuki Kanazawa, the ABO Center.

It is estimated that genetic factors are responsible for approximately 30%-60% of an individual’s personality. However, statistical analyses have yet to demonstrate a significant and consistent relationship between personality tests and genetic factors. Conversely, a significant portion of individuals in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan believe that there is a linkage between ABO blood type, which is determined genetically, and personality. This pilot study analyzed data from a large-scale survey (N=2,887) using a combination of traditional statistical methods and AI to examine this relationship. The results indicated the relationship between ABO blood type and self-reported personality traits on several single-question items, in accordance with expected outcomes. These findings suggest that this relationship may extend beyond ABO blood type and personality to encompass other inherited characteristics. The influence of the level of interest on personality and was also discussed.

MBTI and Blood Type

 Sorry, Japanese only.

People with the Same Blood Type are More Likely to Get married?

After analyzing data from 1 million Chinese, it seems that people with the same blood type are more likely to get married.

It is very hard to believe for me....


Most of Billionaires are O?

 According to this video, most of billionares are O.
你的血型決定你的命運,O型血最有錢?AB型血最稀少? | 老高與小茉 Mr & Mrs Gao

Mark Zuckerberg O - Facebook
Steve Jobs O - Apple
Bill Gates O - Microsoft
Masayoshi Son O - Softbank
Jeff Bezos B - Amazon
David Koch A - Koch Industries
Sam Walton O - Walmart
Amancio Ortega O - ZARA
Warren Buffett O - Berkshire Hathaway
Jack Ma O - Alibaba
Liu Qiangdong O - JD
Ma Huateng O - Tencent


Type O is Stronger than Type A against COVID-19?

See the following paper:

Relationship between the ABO Blood Group and the COVID-19 Susceptibility

Jiao Zhao, Yan Yang, Han-Ping Huang, Dong Li, Dong-Feng Gu, Xiang-Feng Lu, Zheng Zhang, Lei Liu, Ting Liu, Yu-Kun Liu, Yun-Jiao He, Bin Sun, Mei-Lan Wei, Guang-Yu Yang, Xinghuan Wang, Li Zhang, Xiao-Yang Zhou, Ming-Zhao Xing, Peng George Wang

The ABO group in 3694 normal people in Wuhan showed a distribution of 32.16%, 24.90%, 9.10% and 33.84% for A, B, AB and O, respectively, versus the distribution of 37.75%, 26.42%, 10.03% and 25.80% for A, B, AB and O, respectively, in 1775 COVID-19 patients from Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital. The proportion of blood group A and O in COVID-19 patients were significantly higher and lower, respectively, than that in normal people (both P < 0.001).


ESPN: Darvish can guess your blood type

Source: ESPN

The followings are excerpts:

"So there is Type A. That person is organized. Type B isn't exactly selfish but he goes his own way. Type O is laid back, a 'whatever happens' type of guy. AB is weird or different."

As he says all this, his catcher actually walks by. Darvish points back at Caratini as he passes.
"He's Type B," Darvish says with a smile. "I know it."

When a few teammates heard Darvish could guess blood types, they went scrambling to find out their own.
"I almost gave my mother a heart attack," first baseman Anthony Rizzo said with a laugh.
Rizzo called his mom to find out but without any explanation, she got worried. Alas, no transfusions were needed for her son, but she didn't know his blood type. Neither did Kris Bryant's mom or dad. However, Darvish's agent, Joel Wolfe, did know his -- which Darvish guessed correctly.


A Chinese Book: Blood Type and Personality

唐狸 著

<English translation>
Blood type and personality
A personality encyclopedia analyzes the relationship between blood type and personality from various perspectives and examples. Rich in content and practical, this book opens a new door to explore the human world.
Author: Tang Tan

You can buy this book in jd.com and taobao.com.

New paper from the ABO Center

A new paper from Masayuki Kanazawa, the ABO Center. Pilot Analysis of Genetic Effects on Personality Test Scores with AI: ABO Blood Type in ...