Wendy Watson's book "Personality & Blood Type"

Sounds interesting.
I've just ordered the book.
I find three reviews which are highly rated.


Is President Lincoln Type A?

I find the following website which says president Lincoln is type A.
How can Dr Zebra check the blood type of the president?

Dr Zebra
Medical History of the Presidents of the United States


Seven Characteristics of Persons Who are Easy to be Stabbed by Mosquitoes

(1) Type-O persons
According to Yoshikazu Shirai, doctor of medicine, mosquitoes distinguish a person by his/her secretion, and they like the secretion of type-O person most.  It seems that type-O persons are stabbed in twice as much as type-A persons.


Blood-Type DVD is on Sale

"KETSUEKIGATA-KUN" (literally, "A Blood Type Boy"), a DVD of Japanese TV show (sorry, only in Tokyo Metropolitan area), is on now sale.
The original show is very popular in Korea. Its website boasts 200 million accesses in the homeland.
Of course, I watched the show and bought a DVD.

Blood Type of Warren Buffet

A friend of mine (Japanese) said that Warren Buffet is Type A.
But a site which is written in English (the following is its URL) said he is Type AB.
Which type is correct, I wonder.

Warren Buffett

Relationship between Blood Type and Personality is Real, not Imaginary

If relationship of blood type and personality is imaginary, rates of differences must be proportional to those of trait recognition.

But the reality is, there is little relationship.
The coefficient of correlation is no more than 0.08!

This result suggests that relationship between blood type and personality is real, not imaginary.

Human type A gene was created by recombination of the type B and O genes

A friend of mine told me about an interesting paper that says that the human type A gene was created by recombination of the type B and O ge...