Type O people are heavy drinkers: Blood type and personality are related by Satoshi Komori

Here is a new kindle book (in Japanese) by Toshi Komori who retired from Toshiba and entered the graduate school of Tokyo University.

The followings are excerpts from Amazon.co.jp.

Personality and blood type are definitely related.
However, the definition of the word "related" as used here means that "there is a certain probability that a certain blood type and the person's personality are more likely to be a mire random variation of a certain person." It does not necessarily mean having one-on-one relationship.
Looking at the ten or more Olympic 100-meter finals, I feel that there are many black athletes are good at short tracks, because  all most all of them are black people.
However, in some places in the world, if black people and those who are not compete, you may not get significant differences of the data.
The relationship between blood type and personality is very similar. Comparing the blood type and personality common to Jomon people [native Japanese], the blood type and personality that is more common among Yayoi people [immigrant Japanese around 1500-2000 years ago], it is obvious that the probability that the current Japanese personality has a certain blood type together is greater than the accidental variation.
In this book, I would like to talk about the reasons why the difference in blood type is large, and that the genes with strong alcohol are also different from region to region, and to talk about the relationship between blood type and personality.

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