What type is Santa Claus?

According to this site (in Japanese),
Santa Claus is not only one but all over the world.
Blood type is different for each person!
Japanese Santa is Type A.


Intriguing data: Which is the most popular type for lottery winners? (Chosun Ilbo)

According to Chosun Ilbo (Korea Daily), the largest newspaper in South Korea, the most popular blood type for lottery winners is ...

photo via Yahoo! Japan


What type is Amazon Echo?

I bought a new Amazon Echo and asked the blood type.
The following is the result:
"Alexa, What is your blood type?"
"Sorry, I'm not sure." :-p

photo from Amazon

It is interesting that Alexa answerd "Type A" in Japanese.


Are Type Bs in Indonesia feeling relaxed?

According to Wikipedia (English version), the average blood type distribution in Indonesia consists of 37% O, 29% B, 26% A, and 8% AB, respectively.

In many countries, such as Japan, Type A is more than Type B, but in India, Mongolia or northern China it is more B than A like Indonesia.

So, what happens in countries with many Bs?
Of course, Type B's personality will be national character.

A trip to Indonesia to prove it is here. (in Japanese)

Photo from the following Blog

Terima Kashi! Indonesia Series:
  • Vol.1 The Beginning (in Japanese)
  • Vol.2 B's Reunion with "No Greeting" (in Japanese)
  • Vol.3 Seminars in Bengalon and Sangata (in Japanese)
  • Vol.4 Healed by "Kawaii (Cute)" Kids (in Japanese)
  • Vol.5 In Samarinda, Kalimantan Island (in Japanese)
  • Vol.6 Blood Type Passes on Just within 10 Min. (in Japanese)
  • Vol.7 The Beautiful Island of Ambon (in Japanese)
  • Extra "Half Done" Style is Rather Comfortable (in Japanese)


Wonder of genes: Why do we feel blood type [and personality] is true? by Satoshi Komiri

Here comes a kindle book (in Japanese) by Toshi Komori who retired from Toshiba and entered the graduate school of Tokyo University.
The book is not full of formula nor difficult, but a science reading which can be read with ease.

However, this title can cause some misunderstanding.
The "correct" one is "blood type [and personality] is true". Wow!


The Compatibility Matrix by Ms. Heather Collins Grattan

I gracefully got a comment and an email from the author (Type B woman).

The Compatibility Matrix: The Qualities of YOUR Ideal Mate
by Heather Collins Grattan (Author), Joseph Christiano (Foreword)

This book is a romantic book of seeking the ideal partner, that devotes whole chapter 8 to the blood type. What is different from Japan is that there are religion and politics in the elements of compatibility (Compatibility Matrix).

She adopts a method of summing up the scores of each element and judging compatibility. Whether it is American style or Type B style, I wonder. By the way, its blood-type compatibility closely matches Mr. Nomi's "lead = care relationship".

Perhaps this book may be sold if well translated into Japanese.


Listen to Koreans: Which blood type would you like to be the best lover?

From Yahoo! JAPAN News on 9/19/2017

According to an article of the Korean major newspaper "Chosun Ilbo" (2017/9/19), the blood Type AB  takes the first place (43.5%) as the best lover, the second is Type B (33.6%). By the way, Type O is 13.6% as the 3rd place, Type A, the largest population, is only the lowest 9.0%.

Source: the same article

Korean blood group ratio is 34% A, 28% O, 27% B and 11% AB, so Type AB is the smallest number blood group as same as Japan.

I understand that Type-AB people with "rare value" are the most popular in Korea.
However, since Type-O is the most popular in Japan, unlike Korea, minorities are not necessarily popular. Is that the difference in national character?
By the way, Type A is popular for with the boss in Korea.


B and AB won't smoke?

The same paper that I have introduced before,  B and AB won't smoke ...
Is this right?
Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am an AB non-smoker.

Fakhraddin Sohrabi, Mahmood Goudarzi, Ali Jalili
SAUSSUREA (ISSN: 0373-2525) Vol. 3(1), PP: 319-331, 2015

a significant amount of blood groups B and AB are not smokers or, rarely, sometimes to smoke (37).

37: Cattell ,R.B.H.Boutourline Young and J.D.Undl Eby (1964):Blood Grous and personality Traits.American Journal of Humaan Genetics,vol.16,NO.4(December),1984. [as is]

O-O, A-O and A-AB pairs are prone to divorce?

According to an Iranian study, O-O, A-O and A-AB pairs are prone to divorce ...

Fakhraddin Sohrabi, Mahmood Goudarzi, Ali Jalili
SAUSSUREA (ISSN: 0373-2525) Vol. 3(1), PP: 319-331, 2015

The findings of this study showed that the combination of Equalized blood group O-O and unequalized combination blood group A-O and A-AB predicted the highest rate of divorce.


Do Type-O Italians Live Longer?

Some Italian paper says Type-O Italians live loger.
Reseachers examined the blood type of centenarians. Type O is accounted for 56.4%, which exceeds 43.5% of the national average.
Since the total number of subjects was as many as 5063, the result is statistically significant.
However, a previous survey of Tokyo (2004), type B was said to live longer.
This Italian result does not agree with the the Japanese.

Franchini M, Mengoli C, Bonfanti C, Rossi C, Lippi G.
Genetic determinants of extreme longevity: the role of ABO blood group.
Thromb Haemost. 2016 Jan;115(2):458-60. doi: 10.1160/TH15-05-0379. Epub 2015 Sep 3.
A statistically significant difference in the distribution of ABO blood groups between the cohorts of centenarians and donors was found (Pearson Chi-square test [3 d. o.f] = 10.71, p = 0.007). The significance was mainly due to a higher prevalence of O blood type in centenarians compared with controls (56.4 % vs 43.5 %, Pearson Chisquare test [1 d. o.f] = 10.78, p = 0.0010)

Czech paper

This time I will introduce a Czech paper.

It said that there was no difference according to ABO blood group in personality test (Big Five).
Subjects were 502 soldiers in the Czech Republic.
This result (no difference) is as expected, but there was a difference in RH blood type somehow ...
Anyway, we can read the paper free of charge.

Jaroslav Flegr et al., (2013), Toxoplasmosis-Associated Difference in Intelligence and Personality in Men Depends on Their Rhesus Blood Group but Not ABO Blood Group
PLoS One. 2013; 8(4): e61272.
Published online 2013 Apr 10. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0061272
  • Here, we searched for differences in the toxoplasmosis-associated effects between RhD-positive and RhD-negative subjects by testing 502 soldiers with two personality tests and two intelligence tests. The infected subjects expressed lower levels of all potentially pathognomic factors measured with the N-70 questionnaire and in neurasthenia measured with NEO-PI-R.
  • The analyses showed significant effect of RhD phenotype-toxoplasmosis interaction on psychasteny and IQ and no significant effects of ABO phenotype or ABO phenotype interaction (Tab. 3).

Yoshihide Kiryu (type O) has broken the national record of 100-meter race

Yoshihide Kiryu (type O) becomes the first Japanese athelete who breaks the 10-second barrier.
He wins a 100-meter race with a record of 9.98 seconds.

Source: Asahi Shimbun (Japan)

Type-O atheletes seem to be stronger in sports, and such a paper was published in the United States this year.

Lippi G., et al., (2017), Influence of ABO blood group on sports performance.
Ann Transl Med. 2017 Jun;5(12):255. doi: 10.21037/atm.2017.04.33.

The ABO blood group status was also found to be independently associated with running time, with O blood type athletes performing better than those with non-O blood groups. Overall, age, weekly training and O blood group type explained 62.2% of the total variance of running performance (age, 41.6%; training regimen, 10.5%; ABO blood group, 10.1%).
The results of our study show that recreational athletes with O blood group have better endurance performance compared to those with non-O blood group types. This finding may provide additional support to the putative evolutionary advantages of carrying the O blood group.


American skepticist magazine "Skeptic"

I discovered that "blood type and personality" is taken up in America skepticist magazine "Skeptic".
Unfortunately, I feel like authors only studied English information ...

Buckner, Rebecca Anders, and John E. Buckner, V. "It's not in your blood: exploring claims that blood type and personality are linked." Skeptic [Altadena, CA], vol. 19, no. 3, 2014, p. 24+

There was no difference in personality test of psychology, therefore blood type is not related to personality. This is a usual pattern as always. However, they actually conduct surveys. Great!
The following is an excerpt from the article.

Our Findings
Completed surveys were collected from 182 volunteers [29] (97 male, 85 female), and participants formed a fair representation of blood types in the U.S. -- 56.0% type O, 30.2% type A, 10.4% type B, and 3.8% type AB. [30] Results of our analysis (MANOVA or Multivariate Analysis Of Variance) [31] showed no overall relationship between the five broad personality characteristics and blood type. [32]
Therefore, these findings support the contention that blood type is NOT related to personality. 
29 The number of participants we used provided us with enough power to detect the expected effect (moderate effect size), based on an A PRIORI power analysis.
30 The typical frequency of blood types in the U.S. can be found in multiple sources. We referred to http://bloodcenter.stanford.edu/about_blood/blood_types.html
(Now moved to https://bloodcenter.stanford.edu/learn/blood-types/)
31 The results of MANOVA were F(15,522)=1.48, p=.11
32 We referred to Box's Test of equality of covariances between the sizes of relationships among personality factors based on blood type.

This exactly shows the theoretical limits of psychology. It may be impossible to tell the truth, even in America as well as in Japan.

The interesting thing is that the topic of personality and "blood type" has gradually become known in the United States. The following is an excerpt from the article abstract.

This claim is widespread and largely accepted in certain parts of the globe, namely Japan. This belief is also being (re)introduced in the U.S. more recently through popular books and claims such as those outlined in The Answer is in Your Blood Type.


Cloud AI to guess blood type from face photo

I found an interesting article "challenge to make up Raspberry Pi AI to guess blood type from face photo".
However, the result is rather disappointing -- its accuracy rate is as low as 27.8%, so it does not seem to "guess". The source is a Japanese magazine "Interface" April 2017 issue by CQ Publishing (Japan). Anyway, this is a joyful experiment.
Unfortunately, this article is written in Japanese without English title, I will introduce the overview.

Source: the company's site.
(Note: Deep Leaning -> Deep Learning)

Image data are divided into 128 x 128 areas (pixels), so the resolution is comparatively low (e. g. that of HDTV is 1920 x 1080 pixels).
Disappointed by the poor result, researchers focused on various features such as nose, correcting face images to the front direction, but things did not get better.
I think it is too early to conclude that "there is no correlation between face photos and blood types" in the experiment alone ...

<Reference data>

[Image data] Convert 6000 photos to grayscale 128 x 128 pixels
[Equipments for data learning] i7-4770 / 3.4 GHz / 16 GB (DDR 3) + Amazon cloud GPU (AWS EC 2 p 2. Xlarge parg) + machine learning library dlib
[Equipments for blood type determination] Raspberry Pi 3 / PiCamera (960 × 540 pixels)
[Processing time] About 20 seconds for face detection, about 30 seconds for blood type determination
[Results] The accuracy rate of test data is as low as 27.8%! Thereafter, various measures are taken, but accuracy rates showed little improvement. Researchers finally concluded that "there is no correlation between face photos and blood types."


Hitoaki NAKAMURA, Satoru IWASADA (Bee Co., Ltd, Osaka Japan)
Cloud is good for studying image deep learning! A challenge to make up Raspberry Pi AI to guess blood type from face photo (Featured specials for beginners! RasPi x cloud AI: GPUs from 100 yen!)
Interface magazine (April 2017 issue) by CQ Publishing Co., Limited (Tokyo Japan).

中村 仁昭 , 岩貞 智
画像ディープ・ラーニングの学習はクラウドが良し! 顔写真から血液型を当てるラズパイ人工知能に挑戦してみた (注目特集 ビギナ向け! ラズパイ×クラウド人工知能 : GPUも100円から!)  [in Japanese]

Research and development activities are on the company's site. (in Japanese)


Blood Types of the Rich and Famous

According to a website Plasma Donation, blood types of the rich and famous peole are ...

<Type O>
Musicians John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Liam & Noel Gallagher, Crystal Kay; actor Paul Newman; and world leaders Queen Elizabeth II, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.

<Type A>
Former U.S. Presidents George Bush Senior, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon; musicians Ringo Starr, Britney Spears, Rick James and Maki Nomiya; actors Alan Alda and Jet Li; German politician Adolf Hitler; and Japanese novelist Soseki Natsume.

<Type B>
Actors Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mia Farrow; musicians Paul McCartney and Luciano Pavarotti; Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa; and football player Vince Young.

<Type AB>
Actors Jackie Chan and Marilyn Monroe; musician Mick Jagger; former U.S. President John F. Kennedy; inventor Thomas Edison; and mixed martial artist Bob Sapp.


I have made my English Mobile Site

I have made my English mobile site using Jimdo.

It is not necessary to handmade from scratch like the old days.
Now using CMS like Jimdo or Wix, and Google translation, making an English website has became much easier.
But, it is still a tough work for me who is not an English native.

My English mobile site is for foreigners, the atmosphere and contents are a little bit different from the original Japanese version.
# In short, expressions are straightforward and pretentious with a lot of data.

It is hard to make everything original, so I have diverted a lot of old contents.
Sadly, my English is so terrible in old contents, especially.
I did quite a bit of reworking ...

Now that I noticed Koreans and Chinese are more enthusiastic about blood-type research. If it goes on like this, they might overtake Japan like the the economy ...

Mr. Fred Wong & Eugenia Wan published a book "Bloody AI Alchemist"

It seems to be quite full-fledged contents and I am expecting very much.
Aauthors are working for an investment bank, and seem to be strong for AI.
Because written in Enlish, it will take time to read, because I am Japanese ...
The authors' site is as follows.
They said that they are currently looking for collaborators.
The address of their Facebook is as follows.

Three Research Reports of the Middle East and One Indian

I found three research reports of the Middle East for the first time (luckyly, it is written in English).
Perhaps, famous Korean cartoon "RealCrazyMan's Blood Types Comic" was translated into Persian or Arabic ....
#It is exactly what I expect, that the results do not match the other reports.

The reference of the first paper is Mr. Alexander Besher's "You are Your Blood Type," so I am keenly aware of the necessity of transmitting English information.
By the way, these Iranian research reports are not registered in English-language database,  somehow.
Is there any reason?

Fatemeh Beheshtian, Roghayeh Hashemi and Zolfaghar Rashidi
The Five Personality Factors over the Students with Four Blood Types
Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences, 2015, 5(8):45-49 1
160 subjects, NEO PI-R -> diffrence in openness to experience

Mohammad Sharifi, Hamza Ahmadian and Ali Jalali
The relationship between the big five personality factors with blood types in Iranian university students
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2015, 7(5):233-240
400 subjects, NEO PI -> diffrences in openness and extraversion

Zirak Morandlou Hossein
The Relationship between Students’Personality Traits and Their Blood Types
Journal of Health and Devalopment 2012, 1(3):221-226
number of subjects not specified NEO-FFI -> no diffrence found

Also I found an Indian research report. This is not registered in English-language database, too.

Amreen Nahida, Nandini Chatterjee
A study on relationship between blood group and personality
International Journal of Home Science 2016; 2(1): 239-243
100 subjects -> no diffrence found
Eysenck’s Personality Questionnaire-Revised (EPQ-R) is used


I have preordered Clova WAVE, LINE's AI speaker

I preordered a Clova WAVE, LINE's AI speaker to counter Amazon Echo and Google Home, yesterday.
It will arrive around this month.
However, at the beginning, I can only use LINE Music (eg. no casual conversation), I can not ask my WAVE its blood type for a while (laugh).
When I asked various AIs their blood types, only Microsoft "Rin-na" answered its blood type. Apple Siri, Amazon Echo nor Google Home  yet answered.


Relationship between brain activity and blood types -- through optical-topography experiments

The latest article of the ABO Center's blog "ABO Stories",

Relationship between brain activity and blood types -- through experiments
https://human-abo.blogspot.jp/2017/05/blog-post_24.html (in Japanese)

was posted on May 24.

The ABO Center and Dr. Munetaka Haida (Tokai University) have collaborated on experiments about relationship between brain function and blood types for over 10 years.
According to the article, in experiments using a "optical topography device" to measure the activity of the brain, comparing Type A and Type B, the workings of the left brain and the right brain show a spectacular contrast.

Type A = activity amount of left brain is high
Type B = activity amount of right brain is high

Source: the article of the ABO Center's blog

Also, there was somewhat less clear difference between Type AB and Type O;

Type AB = using both right and left brains simultaneously
Type O  = using both right and left brains alternatively

From these results, it is almost certainly possible to say that "brain activity and blood types are related to each other."
However, it may be a exaggeration to say that blood types and personality are "scientific" grounds. Still, it can be said that it is a powerful experimental result that is one step closer to the truth.

Yet Another Bloodtype-Personality TV Program

The program is:

22:00-22:54 on May 21, BS-TBS, Foreign Reporters Saw Plus
Why do Japanese like blood types ? -- The nationality of typing things

Barack Obama: Type AB
Donald Trump: Type A
Shinzo Abe: Type B
Vladimir Putin: Type AB
Xi Jinping: Type B
Kim Jong Un: Type A

Japanese Title:
BS-TBS 外国人記者は見たプラス

Personality judgment by blood type has deeply penetrated daily life in Japan. It is said that there are places that emphasize on blood type at company recruitment and marriage consultation office. Is blood type and personality scientifically related? Is it only Japanese people to be addicted to blood types so much? I think about the disposition of the Japanese who love typing.


Three out of Major Five Private TV Stations in Tokyo to Broadcast Bloodtype-Personality Programs

Three out of major five private TV stations in Tokyo broadcast of bloodtype-personality programs as follows.
Feb 8 Fuji TV Honmadekka!? TV (ホンマでっか!?TV) MC: Sanma Akashiya (明石家さんま)
May 2 TV Asahi Osamu Hahashi's Imadesho Course (林修の今でしょ!講座) MC: Osamu Hayashi (林修)
May 7 TBS News to Dr. Hayashi's (林先生が驚く初耳学!) MC: Osamu Hayashi (林修)
This year, 2017 will be a bumber year!


Major private TV station broadcast a blood-type TV show on Feb. 8

FUJI TV, a Major private TV station in Tokyo, broadcast a blood-type TV show "Honmadekka!? TV" on Feb. 8, 2017.
Although, Ms. Rie Uekia, a female psychologist commentator denied, other members of the show suggested the possible relationship between blood type and psychology. For example, Ms. Megumi Ushikubo, a female marketer explains "bias" of blood type distribution: such as Japanese prime ministers. Ushikubo said "of all 36 prime ministers, 18 are Os, which is much highers than Japanese average."


Type B people live longer!?

According to Tamao Endo, Ph.D. - vice-director (biology and medical Sciences) of Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, Type B people are thought to live longer.
In his recent research "Search for biomarkers of successful aging through glycomics and glycoproteomics of semisuper centenarians" which was conducted from 2012-2013, he wrote:
As the ABO blood group system materials are consists of sugar chains, the possibility that type B is associated with longevity was suggested. (Hirose, N. et al. Exp. Gerontol. 39, 1563-1565, 2004, article of study cooperator Hirose)
ABO式血液型は物質は糖鎖であるが、B型が長寿に関連している可能性が示唆された(Hirose, N. et al. Exp. Gerontol. 39, 1563-1565, 2004, 研究協力者広瀬の論文)

Human type A gene was created by recombination of the type B and O genes

A friend of mine told me about an interesting paper that says that the human type A gene was created by recombination of the type B and O ge...