Lee Myung-bak, the President of South Korea is Type B

Lee Myung-bak, the President of South Korea is Type B.
Ask me why I know his blood type.
I found it on his official website!
But I cannot find it on the English version.

Taiwan is going further.
We can find blood type of Ma Ying-jeou  (type O) , the President of Taiwan.
Both Chinese and English version is available.

It is regrettable that I cannot find it on the Japanese PM's office's website.
I feel like I have seen it before...

Additional Information:
Barack Obama, the US President is type AB.
Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charles is type O.
Japanese Emperor and Empress is type A.
Wen Jia Bao, the Chinese Prime Minister is type B.  


Article of Scientific American, One Years Ago

Suprisingly enough, my website, ABO FAN, was introduced by Scientifice American's guest blog last year (Feb. 15, 2011).

You are what you bleed: In Japan and other east Asian countries some believe blood type dictates personality

As expected, the article concluded a negative result.
But, this is NOT correct -- at least statistically.
It said like this:
Neither study found a significant relationship between personality and blood type, rending the theory "obsolete" and concluding that no basis exists to assume that personality is anything more than randomly associated with blood type.
According to the writer "preexisting blood type belief" now penetrated into all around Taiwan and South Korea as well as Japan (Japanese found 75 percent believed in ketsueki-gata).
Therefore ALL studies in these three countries MUST show significant statistical relationships between personality and blood type, and they really do. Because these studies are based on "self-reported" personality.

The article itself stated such a Japanese result.
Sakamoto, A., & Yamazaki, K. et al. (2004), Blood-typical personality stereotypes and self-fulfilling prophecy: A natural experiment with time-series data of 1978-1988, Progress in Asian Social Psychology, Vol. 4. Seoul, Korea, Pp. 239-262.
This indicates that blood-typical personality stereotypes actually influenced the personalities - self-reported personalities, at least - of individuals, and that they also operated as a self-fulfilling prophecy, although the greatness of that influence could be discussed.
The second is the Korean example:

Beom Jun Kim, Dong Myeong Lee, Sung Hun Lee and Wan-Suk Gim (2007), Blood-type distribution
"Type O is extrovert while type A type is logical", and put blood-type studies together
[Seoul, Yonhap Agency News] As a result of putting many blood-type personality studies together, type O is tend to be extravert, while type A is introvert. In most studies, type A is logical and emotionally stable, but type B -- in comparison with other blood types -- is sensitive.Researcher Sung Il Ryu, at management of technology subject of Yonsei University graduate school, and professor Young Woo Sohn of psychology subject the same university, clarified it in an article entitled "A Review of Sociocultural, Behavioral, Biochemical Analyses on ABO Blood-Groups Typology" on September 21st [2007]. Blood type and personality is a theme to attract popularity of the public, but it is generally thought that there is no relationship scientifically. The article attracts attention, because it is the first study that synthesized findings of the past blood type typology arguing against this thought. The article is going to be carried by the autumn issue of Korean psychology journal. [the original article is in Korean]
Yet another example, the survey was conducted in the South Korea:
Beom Jun Kim, Dong Myeong Lee, Sung Hun Lee and Wan-Suk Gim (2007), Blood-type distribution; Physica A: Statistical and Theoretical Physics Volume 373, 1 January 2007, Pp. 533-540
 A psychological implication for the case of B-type males is also suggested as an effect of a distorted implicit personality theory affected by recent popularity of characterizing a human personality by blood types.
Strangly enough, there is no such description in the article.
Why? I wonder.

Is blood type Japanese-only feature of Facebook?

Is this article correct?
Has Facebook gone too far? How much is TMI online?
I am a Japanese and live in Japan.
Japanese Facebook users are able to edit (and of course, show it to the others) their blood-type profile, such as O, A, B and AB.
Is this feature available only in Japan or world-wide?

Human type A gene was created by recombination of the type B and O genes

A friend of mine told me about an interesting paper that says that the human type A gene was created by recombination of the type B and O ge...