63.4% of Americans Know His/Her Own Blood Type

According to a survey held by Osaka University (Japan) in 2005, 63.4% of American people know his/her own blood type.

Social Reseach Database on Questionnaires

Q49: Blood Type

  • A: 1939 people (33.4%)
  • B: 460 people (14.8%)
  • AB: 229 people (7.4%)
  • O: 1380 people (44.4%)
  • Not sure: 1779 people
  • Valid Answers: 4907 people

The following question and answer explains the reason.

Q51: Underwent a blood test in the last 12 months

  • Yes, as part of a periodic test: 2961 people (60.1%)
  • Yes, because of suspicion of disease: 214 people (4.3%)
  • Valid answers: 4929 people


Professor Terumitsu Maekawa's new book

Professor Terumitsu Maekawa, Asia University, Ph. D, published his newest book, "Professor Maekawa's life and blood type." (前川教授の 人生、血液型。)
In this book, he explains as many as 34 interesting and funny experiences which he came across, such as type-O-only nation, going my way (type b) etc.
He also provides an compact introduction to blood-type humanics or "ketsuekigata ningengaku" which is pioneered by late Masahiko Nomi.

Human type A gene was created by recombination of the type B and O genes

A friend of mine told me about an interesting paper that says that the human type A gene was created by recombination of the type B and O ge...