Type O people are heavy drinkers: Blood type and personality are related by Satoshi Komori

Here is a new kindle book (in Japanese) by Toshi Komori who retired from Toshiba and entered the graduate school of Tokyo University.

The followings are excerpts from Amazon.co.jp.

Personality and blood type are definitely related.
However, the definition of the word "related" as used here means that "there is a certain probability that a certain blood type and the person's personality are more likely to be a mire random variation of a certain person." It does not necessarily mean having one-on-one relationship.
Looking at the ten or more Olympic 100-meter finals, I feel that there are many black athletes are good at short tracks, because  all most all of them are black people.
However, in some places in the world, if black people and those who are not compete, you may not get significant differences of the data.
The relationship between blood type and personality is very similar. Comparing the blood type and personality common to Jomon people [native Japanese], the blood type and personality that is more common among Yayoi people [immigrant Japanese around 1500-2000 years ago], it is obvious that the probability that the current Japanese personality has a certain blood type together is greater than the accidental variation.
In this book, I would like to talk about the reasons why the difference in blood type is large, and that the genes with strong alcohol are also different from region to region, and to talk about the relationship between blood type and personality.


President George Washington is Type B

The Asahi Shimbun, a major Japanese newspaper, said that George Washington, the first US president is Type B on an article July 9, 1975.
Dr. Mitsuo Yokoyama in Illinois Medical Center analyzed Washington's one-inch long hair and found the fact, the article said.
The following is a tweet of Dr. Atsushi Oshio,  a Japanese psychologist. He is a professor of Waseda University.


The Two Type As: US President Trump vs North Korea Leader Kim Jong-un

US President Trump and North Korea Leader Kim Jong-un are both Type A.
Then what will happen on June 12 in Singapore?
Watch carefully!


Japanese Love Type B Female!?

The blood type of popular female talents had changed around 2010.
Type B (Orange) had made a big reversal of A type (blue).
It seems that the popularity of Type B continues even now.


The Two Koreas: Type B Moon Jae-in vs Type A Kim Jong-un

Moon Jae-in, South Korea's President, is Type B.  On the contrary, Kim Jong-un, the counterpart, North Korea's leader is Type A.

Photo from ChosunIlbo

Interestingly, each of the predecessors is the same blood type of the successor respectively.


O. J. Simpson is Type A

I find an article of "Stripes Okinawa" (Stars and Stripes) on blood type and personality.

This article is written with a light touch, so you can enjoy it.
The compatibility between type A and type B is said to be bad.  In fact, the author of this article is Type A and his wife is Type B, it doesn't matter because the couple has been satisfied for 25 years (laugh).
FYI, according to the article, O. J. Simpson is Type A.


Blood type prediction with AI: accuracy rate is 42%

Excerpts from Masayuki Kanazawa's book "Blood Type and Personality 3.0"

I tried to predict the blood type using AI technology (Amazon AWS S3 + ML) on a trial basis. The results: each accuracy rate is 42%. This is a little lower than expected. But if it is going like this, the accuracy rate may exceed 50%, I hope.
By the way, in the second trial (No.2), I misplaced the learning data settings and used little data of women in their thirties, at the begin-ning. After I corrected the settings to use all the data, the accuracy rate has greatly improved by 5-10%.
This may have proved that the characteristic of the blood type changes considerably with gender and age.
Next time, I am going to modify the model and try again.

Result of Blood Type Prediction (No.1)
[Data used] 4,094 people of DIMSDRIVE (2004)
[Learning] 1,271 people (stable answers only)
[Prediction target] 100 people
[Accuracy rate] 42%
[Question items]
1. Gender
2. Marital Status
3. Answers of the following questions (score: from 1 to 5)
  a. I often feel depressed or easily upset
  b. I am more concerned about the future than others
  c. I don’t feel stress so much in everyday life
  d. Abnormality appears in the body if mentally damaged
  e. I am sensitive to the smell of food and environment
4. What type of people do you feel comfortable with?
5. What do you do if you suffer from extreme stress?
6. What type of friend do you want?
7. Age (10-year increments from 20s to 50s)
8. Occupation
9. Blood Type

Result of Blood Type Prediction (No.2)
[Data used] 1,000 people Internet survey (2018); single males and females from 20s to 30s
[Learning] 4,000 people (800 people x 5 times)
[Prediction target] 1,000 people (200 people x 5 times)
[Accuracy rate]
42.0% (414 people who have correct knowledge)
37.6% (1,000 people in total)
[Question items]
1. Answers of the following questions (score: from 1 to 5)
  a. I am cooperative
  b. I am open in peers
  c. Others are hard to understand my personality
  d. I am self-paced and hardly affected by others
  e. I am thoughtful and take a cautious attitude towards things
  f. My feeling is uneven and may seem like a dual personality
  g. I am optimistic
  h. I am tolerant
2. Are blood type and personality related? (score: from 1 to 4, D/K)
3. Do you have the knowledge of blood type and personality (score: from 1 to 4)
4. Blood Type
5. Gender
6. Age (10-year increments from 20s to 30s)


A New Book "Blood Type and Personality 3.0" by Masayuki Kanzawa

Mr. Masayuki Kanazawa's new book. 

Which blood type is suitable for athletes or politicians?
Is there blood type compatibility? Can psychology explain blood type personality theory?
Do blood types affect brain waves?
Can AI predict your blood type?
The answers are here.
A bold approach to the core of blood type and personality mystery, based on surveys of over 300,000 people.
Uncover dozens of evidences:
World politics, Asian sports, Japanese entertainments, love affairs, brain waves, psychological personality tests and so on.
Also Include a pioneering personality analysis with AI.
1. Introduction to Blood Type Humanics
2. Blood Type Moves World Politics
3. Blood Type Mover Asian Sports
4. Basics of Blood Type and Personality
5. Characteristics of Your Blood Type
6. Blood Type and Love Affairs
7. Blood Type and Psychology
8. Toward Blood Type and Personality 3.0


6 Awesome Facts "Blood Type O" on YouTube

6 Awesome Facts "Blood Type O" | Personality & Behaviour by Top10 DotCom

6. Confident man
5. Have an ambitious spirit
4. Do all they can do for others ...


Type B is less likely to vote and doesn't choose the biggest party

Type B is not only less likely to vote but doesn't choose the biggest party, at least in Korea.
Please refer to the following paper.

ABO Blood Types and Voting Behaviors in the 2008 Election : A Pilot Genetic Study of Political Behaviors
Kim Chae-Han
Vol.1 No.2 (Wn.2), 2008.10, 157-180 (24 pages)

Political attitudes and behaviors have been explained by non-genetic variables. Some recent studies related genetic characteristics to political behaviors. Using a very simple variable of ABO blood types, instead of expensive research design, this paper explains Koreans voting behaviors in the 2008 National Assembly election. Voters of B blood type were less likely to participate in the election and to choose the biggest party (Grand National Party)'s candidates than any other blood type voters. Such genetic factors as ABO blood types may contribute to the study of Korean voting behaviors.

What is Steven Spielberg's blood type?

According to Answers.com he is Type A.

Type O people are heavy drinkers: Blood type and personality are related by Satoshi Komori

Here is a new kindle book (in Japanese) by Toshi Komori who retired from Toshiba and entered the graduate school of Tokyo University. ...