In Japan, psychology is considered as "nonscientific", "humanities" and "friendly" !?

As the image of psychology in here in Japan, "nonscientific", "humanities" and "friendly" factors were prominent.

Source: Assessment of psychological literacy of undergraduate students before receiving formal psychological education
Midori TOKITA 1), Tatsuya KANENO 1), Kenta NOMURA 1), Masayuki NARA 2).

1) Department of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Health Science, Mejiro University [Japan]
2) Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Mejiro University [Japan]

Objective: This research aimed to examine the psychological literacy of undergraduate students who major in health sciences and nursing.
Methods: We surveyed 303 undergraduate students using a questionnaire that tests their basic understanding of psychology, view of psychology, and expectation for psychology prior to their specialized education.
Results: We found that respondents (1) had a limited understanding of the objects and methods of psychological research, (2) had a biased view of psychology, undermining the scientific aspects of psychology [as the image of psychology, "nonscientific", "humanities" and "friendly" factors were prominent], and (3) tended to overestimate the effectiveness of psychological solutions on interpersonal problems.
Conclusions: The results indicated that curriculum for the elemental psychological education should be reorganized and reformed at the university.


Type B dominates Japan's Male Figure Skating

I found an article that there are many Type Bs in male figure skating, so I tried special certified athletes over the past 10 years.

Certainly, I found 7 male B athletes out of all the 13 boys -- a majority.
The probability this happens by chance is less than 3%.
With just 10 people of data, this is really a "miraculous" event!
So, at least for the last decade, it is clear that Type B dominates men's figure skating.

Men Certified Athletes 2009-2018
Type O -- 4
Type A -- 2
Type B -- 7
Type AB -- 0
Chi square=9.11, p=0.0279

Ladies Certified Athletes 2009-2018
Type O -- 4
Type A -- 8
Type B -- 3
Type AB -- 1
Chi square=1.00, p=n. s.


Slobodan Petrovski: ABO system of blood types and positions in soccer team

Chieko Ichikawa and Slobodan Petrovski

Perhaps the very first English book with theme of blood types and soccer. The authors, Chieko Ichikawa (Japanese, the director of the Human Science ABO Center) and Slobodan Petrovski (Servian, a manager of sport), in an analytical way, give a relation between blood types and positions in soccer team.


Which Type is Strong against Influenza?

According to Dr. Peter J. D'adamo, Blood types O and A are strong against influenza A, but blood type B is strong against influenza B. Sadly, blood type AB is weak against both influenza A and B.


Richest Persons are All Type O - Forbes' World's Billionaires 2018

Examining the billionaires' blood type (top to No. 10) of Forbes' "the world's billionaires 2018", they are all Type O, both in the world and Japan.

As expected, O is good at making money.
However, this only shows a "trend" since the blood type of the majority is unknown.

No. 2 Bill Gates / $90 billion (Microsoft)
No. 3 Warren Buffett / $84 billion (Berkshire Hathaway)
No. 4 Mark Zuckerberg / $71 billion (Facebook)

No. 1 Masayoshi Son / $21.9 billion (Softbank)
No. 2 Tadashi Yanai / $19.3 billion (Fast Retailing)
No. 7 Hiroshi Mikitani / $5.4 billion dollars (Rakuten)
No. 9 Akio Nitori / $4.8 billion (Nitori)


Japanese Prime Minster Abe Reshuffled His Cabinet

On October 2, Prime Minster Abe Reshuffled His Cabinet.

Source: Wikipedia

Blood Type: O9, A7, B4, AB0.
O almost doubles while B decreases; AB became zero.
It may be because the reshuffle aimed at factional balance rather than policy - as many as twelve new cabinet members were appointed.

In Japan, psychology is considered as "nonscientific", "humanities" and "friendly" !?

As the image of psychology in here in Japan, "nonscientific", "humanities" and "friendly" factors were promine...