Relationship between brain activity and blood types -- through optical-topography experiments

The latest article of the ABO Center's blog "ABO Stories",

Relationship between brain activity and blood types -- through experiments
https://human-abo.blogspot.jp/2017/05/blog-post_24.html (in Japanese)

was posted on May 24.

The ABO Center and Dr. Munetaka Haida (Tokai University) have collaborated on experiments about relationship between brain function and blood types for over 10 years.
According to the article, in experiments using a "optical topography device" to measure the activity of the brain, comparing Type A and Type B, the workings of the left brain and the right brain show a spectacular contrast.

Type A = activity amount of left brain is high
Type B = activity amount of right brain is high

Source: the article of the ABO Center's blog

Also, there was somewhat less clear difference between Type AB and Type O;

Type AB = using both right and left brains simultaneously
Type O  = using both right and left brains alternatively

From these results, it is almost certainly possible to say that "brain activity and blood types are related to each other."
However, it may be a exaggeration to say that blood types and personality are "scientific" grounds. Still, it can be said that it is a powerful experimental result that is one step closer to the truth.

Yet Another Bloodtype-Personality TV Program

The program is:

22:00-22:54 on May 21, BS-TBS, Foreign Reporters Saw Plus
Why do Japanese like blood types ? -- The nationality of typing things

Barack Obama: Type AB
Donald Trump: Type A
Shinzo Abe: Type B
Vladimir Putin: Type AB
Xi Jinping: Type B
Kim Jong Un: Type A

Japanese Title:
BS-TBS 外国人記者は見たプラス

Personality judgment by blood type has deeply penetrated daily life in Japan. It is said that there are places that emphasize on blood type at company recruitment and marriage consultation office. Is blood type and personality scientifically related? Is it only Japanese people to be addicted to blood types so much? I think about the disposition of the Japanese who love typing.

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