Blood type prediction with AI: accuracy rate is 42%

Excerpts from Masayuki Kanazawa's book "Blood Type and Personality 3.0"

I tried to predict the blood type using AI technology (Amazon AWS S3 + ML) on a trial basis. The results: each accuracy rate is 42%. This is a little lower than expected. But if it is going like this, the accuracy rate may exceed 50%, I hope.
By the way, in the second trial (No.2), I misplaced the learning data settings and used little data of women in their thirties, at the begin-ning. After I corrected the settings to use all the data, the accuracy rate has greatly improved by 5-10%.
This may have proved that the characteristic of the blood type changes considerably with gender and age.
Next time, I am going to modify the model and try again.

Result of Blood Type Prediction (No.1)
[Data used] 4,094 people of DIMSDRIVE (2004)
[Learning] 1,271 people (stable answers only)
[Prediction target] 100 people
[Accuracy rate] 42%
[Question items]
1. Gender
2. Marital Status
3. Answers of the following questions (score: from 1 to 5)
  a. I often feel depressed or easily upset
  b. I am more concerned about the future than others
  c. I don’t feel stress so much in everyday life
  d. Abnormality appears in the body if mentally damaged
  e. I am sensitive to the smell of food and environment
4. What type of people do you feel comfortable with?
5. What do you do if you suffer from extreme stress?
6. What type of friend do you want?
7. Age (10-year increments from 20s to 50s)
8. Occupation
9. Blood Type

Result of Blood Type Prediction (No.2)
[Data used] 1,000 people Internet survey (2018); single males and females from 20s to 30s
[Learning] 4,000 people (800 people x 5 times)
[Prediction target] 1,000 people (200 people x 5 times)
[Accuracy rate]
42.0% (414 people who have correct knowledge)
37.6% (1,000 people in total)
[Question items]
1. Answers of the following questions (score: from 1 to 5)
  a. I am cooperative
  b. I am open in peers
  c. Others are hard to understand my personality
  d. I am self-paced and hardly affected by others
  e. I am thoughtful and take a cautious attitude towards things
  f. My feeling is uneven and may seem like a dual personality
  g. I am optimistic
  h. I am tolerant
2. Are blood type and personality related? (score: from 1 to 4, D/K)
3. Do you have the knowledge of blood type and personality (score: from 1 to 4)
4. Blood Type
5. Gender
6. Age (10-year increments from 20s to 30s)

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