Type B dominates Japan's Male Figure Skating

I found an article that there are many Type Bs in male figure skating, so I tried special certified athletes over the past 10 years.

Certainly, I found 7 male B athletes out of all the 13 boys -- a majority.
The probability this happens by chance is less than 3%.
With just 10 people of data, this is really a "miraculous" event!
So, at least for the last decade, it is clear that Type B dominates men's figure skating.

Men Certified Athletes 2009-2018
Type O -- 4
Type A -- 2
Type B -- 7
Type AB -- 0
Chi square=9.11, p=0.0279

Ladies Certified Athletes 2009-2018
Type O -- 4
Type A -- 8
Type B -- 3
Type AB -- 1
Chi square=1.00, p=n. s.

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