American skepticist magazine "Skeptic"

I discovered that "blood type and personality" is taken up in America skepticist magazine "Skeptic".
Unfortunately, I feel like authors only studied English information ...

Buckner, Rebecca Anders, and John E. Buckner, V. "It's not in your blood: exploring claims that blood type and personality are linked." Skeptic [Altadena, CA], vol. 19, no. 3, 2014, p. 24+

There was no difference in personality test of psychology, therefore blood type is not related to personality. This is a usual pattern as always. However, they actually conduct surveys. Great!
The following is an excerpt from the article.

Our Findings
Completed surveys were collected from 182 volunteers [29] (97 male, 85 female), and participants formed a fair representation of blood types in the U.S. -- 56.0% type O, 30.2% type A, 10.4% type B, and 3.8% type AB. [30] Results of our analysis (MANOVA or Multivariate Analysis Of Variance) [31] showed no overall relationship between the five broad personality characteristics and blood type. [32]
Therefore, these findings support the contention that blood type is NOT related to personality. 
29 The number of participants we used provided us with enough power to detect the expected effect (moderate effect size), based on an A PRIORI power analysis.
30 The typical frequency of blood types in the U.S. can be found in multiple sources. We referred to http://bloodcenter.stanford.edu/about_blood/blood_types.html
(Now moved to https://bloodcenter.stanford.edu/learn/blood-types/)
31 The results of MANOVA were F(15,522)=1.48, p=.11
32 We referred to Box's Test of equality of covariances between the sizes of relationships among personality factors based on blood type.

This exactly shows the theoretical limits of psychology. It may be impossible to tell the truth, even in America as well as in Japan.

The interesting thing is that the topic of personality and "blood type" has gradually become known in the United States. The following is an excerpt from the article abstract.

This claim is widespread and largely accepted in certain parts of the globe, namely Japan. This belief is also being (re)introduced in the U.S. more recently through popular books and claims such as those outlined in The Answer is in Your Blood Type.


  1. Anonymous9/21/2017

    The reason blood-type psychology is becoming more popular in the U.S. is because we Americans love diets, and the Blood Type Diet has brought this relatively new knowledge to the forefront! I've followed that diet for almost 20 years, as a type B.

    1. Thaks a lot!
      Yes, Americans are really crazy about diet. I understand.


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