Cloud AI to guess blood type from face photo

I found an interesting article "challenge to make up Raspberry Pi AI to guess blood type from face photo".
However, the result is rather disappointing -- its accuracy rate is as low as 27.8%, so it does not seem to "guess". The source is a Japanese magazine "Interface" April 2017 issue by CQ Publishing (Japan). Anyway, this is a joyful experiment.
Unfortunately, this article is written in Japanese without English title, I will introduce the overview.

Source: the company's site.
(Note: Deep Leaning -> Deep Learning)

Image data are divided into 128 x 128 areas (pixels), so the resolution is comparatively low (e. g. that of HDTV is 1920 x 1080 pixels).
Disappointed by the poor result, researchers focused on various features such as nose, correcting face images to the front direction, but things did not get better.
I think it is too early to conclude that "there is no correlation between face photos and blood types" in the experiment alone ...

<Reference data>

[Image data] Convert 6000 photos to grayscale 128 x 128 pixels
[Equipments for data learning] i7-4770 / 3.4 GHz / 16 GB (DDR 3) + Amazon cloud GPU (AWS EC 2 p 2. Xlarge parg) + machine learning library dlib
[Equipments for blood type determination] Raspberry Pi 3 / PiCamera (960 × 540 pixels)
[Processing time] About 20 seconds for face detection, about 30 seconds for blood type determination
[Results] The accuracy rate of test data is as low as 27.8%! Thereafter, various measures are taken, but accuracy rates showed little improvement. Researchers finally concluded that "there is no correlation between face photos and blood types."


Hitoaki NAKAMURA, Satoru IWASADA (Bee Co., Ltd, Osaka Japan)
Cloud is good for studying image deep learning! A challenge to make up Raspberry Pi AI to guess blood type from face photo (Featured specials for beginners! RasPi x cloud AI: GPUs from 100 yen!)
Interface magazine (April 2017 issue) by CQ Publishing Co., Limited (Tokyo Japan).

中村 仁昭 , 岩貞 智
画像ディープ・ラーニングの学習はクラウドが良し! 顔写真から血液型を当てるラズパイ人工知能に挑戦してみた (注目特集 ビギナ向け! ラズパイ×クラウド人工知能 : GPUも100円から!)  [in Japanese]

Research and development activities are on the company's site. (in Japanese)

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