Listen to Koreans: Which blood type would you like to be the best lover?

From Yahoo! JAPAN News on 9/19/2017

According to an article of the Korean major newspaper "Chosun Ilbo" (2017/9/19), the blood Type AB  takes the first place (43.5%) as the best lover, the second is Type B (33.6%). By the way, Type O is 13.6% as the 3rd place, Type A, the largest population, is only the lowest 9.0%.

Source: the same article

Korean blood group ratio is 34% A, 28% O, 27% B and 11% AB, so Type AB is the smallest number blood group as same as Japan.

I understand that Type-AB people with "rare value" are the most popular in Korea.
However, since Type-O is the most popular in Japan, unlike Korea, minorities are not necessarily popular. Is that the difference in national character?
By the way, Type A is popular for with the boss in Korea.

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