I have made my English Mobile Site

I have made my English mobile site using Jimdo.

It is not necessary to handmade from scratch like the old days.
Now using CMS like Jimdo or Wix, and Google translation, making an English website has became much easier.
But, it is still a tough work for me who is not an English native.

My English mobile site is for foreigners, the atmosphere and contents are a little bit different from the original Japanese version.
# In short, expressions are straightforward and pretentious with a lot of data.

It is hard to make everything original, so I have diverted a lot of old contents.
Sadly, my English is so terrible in old contents, especially.
I did quite a bit of reworking ...

Now that I noticed Koreans and Chinese are more enthusiastic about blood-type research. If it goes on like this, they might overtake Japan like the the economy ...

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