Are Type Bs in Indonesia feeling relaxed?

According to Wikipedia (English version), the average blood type distribution in Indonesia consists of 37% O, 29% B, 26% A, and 8% AB, respectively.

In many countries, such as Japan, Type A is more than Type B, but in India, Mongolia or northern China it is more B than A like Indonesia.

So, what happens in countries with many Bs?
Of course, Type B's personality will be national character.

A trip to Indonesia to prove it is here. (in Japanese)

Photo from the following Blog

Terima Kashi! Indonesia Series:
  • Vol.1 The Beginning (in Japanese)
  • Vol.2 B's Reunion with "No Greeting" (in Japanese)
  • Vol.3 Seminars in Bengalon and Sangata (in Japanese)
  • Vol.4 Healed by "Kawaii (Cute)" Kids (in Japanese)
  • Vol.5 In Samarinda, Kalimantan Island (in Japanese)
  • Vol.6 Blood Type Passes on Just within 10 Min. (in Japanese)
  • Vol.7 The Beautiful Island of Ambon (in Japanese)
  • Extra "Half Done" Style is Rather Comfortable (in Japanese)

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