Japanese Psychologists Changed Their Thoughts by 2009

After the Japanese blood-type boom of 2004, the established blood-typical theory of psychology has become "there are statistical differences."
The conventional "established theory" -- "no statistical difference" was completely overturned!!
As a result, the theory became to accord for my results that "there are statistical differences."
By self estimation, at least ...
I am very happy!! Banzai!!
I wonder why the situation changed so suddenly and easily?

For example: 

1. Kudo Eriko (Tokyo Woman's Christian University), Influence over self personality evaluation by blood-typical stereotypes, 73rd convention of the Japanese Psychology Association (2008).
Generally, it is recognized that self-evaluation of the subjects was equal to their blood-typical stereotypes.
2. Yamaoka Shigeyuki (Shotoku University), Influence over self recognition of the blood-typical personality items by watching TV programs, 47th Convention of Japanese Society of Social Psychology (2006).
The main effect of blood types was recognized in 11 items in the high reception group, and the main effect of the blood types was recognized in 2 items in the low reception group.
3. Kubota Kenichi (Nagoya City University), Implicit blood-typical beliefs and self information processing, 48th Convention of Japanese Society of Social Psychology (2007).
The main effect (F(1,32)=9.80, p.01) of personality items and the interaction (F(3,32)=3.22, p.05) of blood-typical-personality items by participants was significant ... After performing two similar factor analyses of variance about the result of definition exercises, the interaction of blood-typical-personality items by participants was significant.

Here is a Korean one: 

4. Beom Jun Kim, Dong Myeong Lee, Sung Hun Lee and Wan-Suk Gim (2007), Blood-type distribution; Physica A: Statistical and Theoretical Physics Volume 373, 1 January 2007, Pp. 533-540
A psychological implication for the case of B-type males is also suggested as an effect of a distorted implicit personality theory affected by recent popularity of characterizing a human personality by blood types.


  1. Anonymous10/18/2013

    There are many wrong parts, such as the usage of articles.
    Please study something like textbooks for english writing.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Could you kindly tell me something more specific?


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